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Specialty Chemicals
 Chemical Products Raw Materials

Chinese oil (tung oil). 
Prime quality pine oil. 
Butyl acetate. 
Ethyl acetate. 
Sodium acetate. 
Technical level acetone. 
Acetic acid (85%). 
Glacial acetic acid (99.9%). 
Adipic acid. Ascorbic acid. 
Boric acid (grains). 
Boric acid powder. 
Sq boric acid. Citric (grain) 
Mexama (fine). 
Hydrochloric acid (30-32%). 
Cresylic acid. Chromic acid flakes (99%).
1012-1 stearic acid flakes. 
1012-1 stearic acid powder. 
1070 Stearic Acid T.P. esc. 
Stearic acid triple olvo 1070. 
Formic acid (85%). 
Purified phosphoric acid (75%). 
Industrial phosphoric acid (85%). 
Fumaric acid. 
Lactic acid. 
Malic acid (food industry). 
Nitric acid (54-55%). 
Nitric acid (60%).
Nitric acid (65%). 
Oleic acid. 
Oxalic acid. 
Ropionico acid. 
Sorbic acid. 
Sulfamic acid cryst (99%). 
Sulfuric acid (3%). 
Tartaric acid. Turpentine. 
Butyl alcohol. 
Alcohol Tilico quality. 
Isopropyl Alcohol. 
Crystal Alumia (medium). 
Hydrated Alumina C-30. 
Sodium aluminate powder.
Aromina R-100. 
Industrial Sulfur powder. (resub. 99%). 
2504 Royal Blue. 
280 Royal Blue. 
Sodium bicarbonate powder.
Baking soda (animal use). 
Sodium bicarbonate. 
Potassium dichromate. 
Sodium dichromate. 
Ammonium difluoride.
Titanium Dioxide R-100. 


Titanium Dioxide R-101. 
Titanium Dioxide R-103. 
Titanium Dioxide R-104. 
Titanium Dioxide R-700.
Titanium Dioxide R-706. 
Titanium Dioxide R-900. 
Titanium Dioxide R-902. 
Titanium Dioxide R-960. 
Titanium dioxide usp.
Erythrocyte sodium bisulfate. 
Anhydrous borax. 
Granular borax decahydrate. 
Borax decahydrate powder. 
Granular borax pentahydrate. 
Sodium bromide. 
Butyl cellosolve. 
Cal quimi hydrated lime. 
To-61 activated carbon powder. 
GAC x. 
G/61 powdered activated carbon.
Activated charcoal powder s-61. 
Barium carbonate. 
Precipitated calcium carbonate. 
Calcined potassium carbonate. 
Granular sodium citrate imp. 
80% sodium chlorite. 
Ammonium chloride. 
Technical barium chloride. 
Benzalkonium chloride.
Glob calcium chloride.
94% food. Glob calcium chloride. 
94% (industrial). 
Calcium chloride sol. 
38% tec. Magnesium chloride. 
Methylene chloride. 
Potassium chloride. (Industrial). 
Ferric chloride solution. 
Granulated cola flesh. 
Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate. 
Mimosa extract. 
Quebracho extract (atomized). 
1590 Royal blue. 
1690 Royal blue. 
1890 Royal blue. 
9080 Royal blue. 
Potassium benzoate. 
Sodium benzoate (extruded). 
Granular sodium benzoate. 
Sodium benzoate powder. 
Ammonium bicarbonate.

  Glycerin Q.P. Sodium gluconate. 
MSG. Xanthan Gum 80 (food). 
Guar Gum.
Sodium Hexametaphosphate large.
Sodium Hexametaphosphate powder.
85% sodium hydrosulfite. 
88-90% sodium hydrosulfite. 
Ammonium hydroxide. 
65% calcium hypochlorite (granular) 65% calcium hypochlorite (tablets) Sodium hypochlorite. 
Pentah sodium hyposulphite. 
Soy lecithin food. 
90 Mardchlor (granular). 
90 Mardchlor dust. Mardchlor 90 tablets 3 inches. 
Mardusol d40. 
MEK (methyl ethyl ketone). 
Esseco sodium metabisulfite. 
Basf sodium metabisulfite.
Sodium metaborate. 
Methanol (methyl alcohol). 
Anhydrous sodium metasilicate. 
Pentah sodium metasilicate. 
MIBK (methyl isobutyl ketone). 
Pure monoethylene glycol. 
Sodium nitrate. 
Of sodium nitrite. 
Gold seal zinc oxide. 
Green seal Zinc Oxide. 
Sodium perborate monohydrate. 
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate. 
Sodium percarbonate. 
Potassium permanganate (discontinued). 
Hydrogen peroxide 35% food. 
Hydrogen peroxide 50% (food). 
50% hydrogen peroxide tec. 
Colorless oil. 
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate powder. Phenol crystallized. Sodium fluoride. Sodium fluosilicate. Formaldehyde. Disodium phosphate (Food). 
Disodium phosphate ANH (technical).
Monosodium phosphate ANH. 
Trisodium phosphate crystals. 
Gas naphtha.
 White gasoline. 
Soda ash (dense).

Soda ash (light). 
Solcan 1-20. 
Granular potassium sorbate. 
Powdered potassium sorbate. 
Caustic soda. 
Rayon flakes. 
Liquid caustic soda 50%. 
Granulated caustic rayon. 
Aluminium sulphate l / f granular. 
Aluminium sulphate l / f Mardupol. Aluminium sulphate l / f powder. 
Ammonium sulfate. 
Copper sulfate penta c / ch. 
Technical magnesium sulfate. 
Manganese sulfate. 
Anhydrous sodium sulfate. 
Imported anhydrous sodium sulfate. 
Textile anhydrous sodium sulfate. 
Zinc sulfate 36%. 
Heptah ferrous sulfate. 
(20%. Sodium sulfite. 
Sodium sulphide flake. 
Potassium tetraborate powder. 
Tetrolan x-100. 
Acrylic Thinner. 
Thinner American. 
Standard Thinner. 
Tonsil actisil.
Tonsil Optimum FF. 
Tonsil standard. 
Granular sodium tripolyphosphate. 
Sodium tripolyphosphate powder. 
Sodium tripolyphosphate PVO. food. 
Triethanolamine group 1. 
Caustic potash flakes. 
Liquid Caustic Potash 47%. 
Propylene Glycol USP. 
Calcium propionate. 
Sodium propionate. 
Raftiline gr (inulin). 
Raftilose synergy-1. 
Washed granular salt. 
Refined industrial salt not iodized. 
N sodium silicate. 
Sodium silicate.

Food Line/ Food Industry

Acidulants and alkaline agents

Adipic acid (food). 
Citric acid USP. 
Tartaric acid (food). 
Sodium bicarbonate usp. 
Potassium bicarbonate food. 
Calcium carbonate (food). 
Magnesium Carbonate USP. 
Sodium citrate (food). 
Dibasic ammonium phosphate. 
Sodium phosphate dibasic. 
Tricalcium phosphate food. 
Calcium hydroxide. 
Magnesium hydroxide. 
Potassium hydrogen tartrate.


Anticaking Agents

USP calcium stearate. 
Magnesium stearate USP. 
Tribasic calcium phosphate G.A. 
Magnesium oxide G.A.


Ascorbic acid usp.

Alpha tocopherol usp. 
Calcio.Ascorbato sodium ascorbate. 
Butylhydroxytoluene (BHT).
BHT with diluted citric acid. 
Sodium erythorbate. 
Soy lecithin (food).

Yellow orange. 
Beta carotene. 
Titanium dioxide. 
Ferrous gluconate.


Benzoic acid (food). 
Sorbic acid (food). 
Sodium benzoate usp (food). 
Sodium nitrate, potassium. 
Sodium nitrite, potassium. 
Propylparaben PVO. liq. 
Sodium propionate (food). 
Potassium sorbate (food). 
Potassium Sulfite (food). 
Sodium sulfite (food).

Agar Agar. 
Sodium alginate. 
Modified starches. 
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. 
Calcium stearate sp. 
Magnesium stearate. 
Dextrin usp. 
Potato starch. 
Potassium phosphate. 
(Mono, di and poly). 
Sodium phosphate (mono, di and poly). 
Gelatin usp. 
Qp and Glycerin usp. 
Gelatin usp. 
Pectin rs, ss, and usp. 
Propylene Glycol USP.

Modified starches. 
Spray dried gum arabic. 
Locust bean gum (food). 
Tragacanth (food).

Xanthan gum (food). 
Soy lecithin (food), usp. 
Orthophosphate (mono, di and trisodium).
Nitrogen oxide. 
Hydrogen peroxide. 
Ammonium persulfate.
Foaming & sponge agents
Azodicarbonamide fda.
Div Chemicals

Food Fumaric acid (cold water soluble). 
Malic Acid.
Amyl alcohol. 

Propyl gallate. 
Potassium fluoride. 
Potassium iodate.
Potassium Iodide. 
Pharmaceutical / Sanitizers / esinfectantes / Water treatment. Thioglycolic acid. Amyl alcohol. 
Potassium borohydride.

Sodium borohydride. 
Isothiazolinones 14% (biocide).
Glutaraldehyde 50% (biocide). 
Quaternary ammonium salts


1. Uniquat QAC 80 (Benzalkonium Chloride 80%, Quaternary 1st Generation).
2. Barquat CB 80 (Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium 80%).
3. Bardac LF 80 (quaternary ammonium salt, low foaming).
4. Barquat PQ (quaternary ammonium salt of the 6th generation of foam not formed, polymeric quaternary).
5. LONZABAC 12,100 (tertiary alkylamine, Specialty Biocide, no foaming algaecide).
6. BG LONZABAC (polymeric quaternary compound, Hexapolimetilenbiguanida).
7. Lonzaserve PC (DMDMH, methyl isothiazolinone and methyl chloro isothiazolinone chlorine).
8. Bio surf I20 (iodophor 20%).
9. Hyamine 1622 (benzethonium chloride, biocide for personal care applications).
10. Lonzagard (Benzethonium Chloride USP).
11. Dantobrom (halogenated hydantoin, Bromine Chloride dimethylhydantoin).
12. Isocil RW (isothiazolinone 14% Biocide).
13. Carboshield (Quaternary Ammonium 5th generation, corrosion inhibitor).
14. Bardac 208M (Quaternary ammonium 4th generation).
15. Bardac 2080 (3rd Generation Quaternary ammonium, biocide, algaecide, fungicide, stable at 1500 ppm water hardness).

1. Lonzaine C (Cocamidopropyl betaine 35%, high foam-forming).
2. Amphoterge W (sodium cocoamphoacetate, 46% high Forming Foam).
3. Amphoterge K (sodium cocoamphopropionate, 40% salt free).
4. Amphoterge K-2 (cocoamphodipropionate, disodium salt 40% free).
5. Amphoterge KJ-2 (disodium Capriloamfodipropionato, 40% Low foam on salt).

All products are backed by EPA, FDA AND EUROPEAN UNION

Barlox 12 (30% cocoamine oxide). 
Surfactants Anfoteritos.

1. Lonzaine C (Cocoamidopropil betaina 35 %, formador de alta espuma).
2. Amphoterge W (Cocoanfoacetato de sodio, 46 % Formador de alta espuma).
3. Amphoterge K (Cocoanfopropionato de sodio, 40%, libre de sal).
4. Amphoterge K-2 (Cocoanfodipropionato de disodio, 40% libre de sal).
5. Amphoterge KJ-2 ( Capriloamfodipropionato de disodio, 40% Baja espuma, sobre de sal).

All products are backed by EPA, FDA and European Union. Iodine in pearls. Potassium Iodide.

Yodo en perlas.
Yoduro de Potasio.
Specialty Chemicals.

Thioglycolic acid. 
Tungstic acid (tungstic). 
Potassium bisulfite. 
Potassium borohydride. 
Sodium borohydride. 
Lanthanum carbonate. 
Glutaraldehyde 50%. 
Barium hydroxide. 


Paints and Coatings.

Soybean Oil. 
Amyl alcohol. 

Soybean Oil. 
Hexahydrophthalic (HHPA). 
Maleic resins. 
Metilhexahidroftálico (MHHPA).
Glutaraldehyde 50%. 
Aluminum nitrate. 
Sodium hydrosulfide (sodium hydrosulfide).
Textiles y Papel

Textile Auxiliaries. 
Biocides: Sodium Bromide, DBNPA, 
50% Glutaraldehyde, 
Sodium hydrosulfite.

Biocide Water Treatment
1. Sodium Bromide. 
2. DBNPA 100% and 20%. 
3. Glutaraldehyde 50%. 
4. Bronopol.
Petrochemical Industry
Potassium borohydride. 
Sodium borohydride.
Glass and Ceramics

Potassium fluoride.
Ammonium metavanadate.

Potassium metavanadate. 
Sodium metavanadate. 
Manganese nitrate. 
Vanadium oxalate. 
Cobalt oxide. 
Chromium oxide, Green. 
Dibutyl tin oxide. 
Tin oxide. 
Tungstic oxide (tungsten trioxide). 
Vanadium pentoxide. 
Tin tetrachloride.
Graphite / Calcined Coke hydroquinone

Monomethyl ether.
Aluminum nitrate. 
Chromium nitrate. 
Manganese nitrate. 
Stannous octoate. 
Vanadium oxalate. 
Tert-Butyl Oxide Tin. 
Surfactant (ethoxylated octyl phenol, fluorinated). 
Ammonium thiosulfate. 
Potassium iodate. 


Ethyl hexanediol. 
P-toluenesulfonyl isocyanate (PTSI). 
Chlorinated paraffins.


Pentanedione (acetylacetone).
Methyltetrahydrophthalic (MTHPA).
Phthalic Tetraclor. 
Stannous octoate. 
p-tertiary butyl catechol. 
Aluminum nitrate. 
Pigments for printing. 
Oil Water Repellents. 
Flame Retardants. 
Quaternary ammonium salts, 1,2,3,4,5
5. THPS (tetrakis hidroxifosfonium 
6. Sodium gluconate. 
Stannous octoate. 
p-tertiary butyl catechol. 
Vanadium pentoxide. 
Ammonium Vanadate Sodium Vanadate
Cosmetics / Personal Care

Avocado oil. 
Sweet almond oil. 
Peanut oil. 
Wheat germ oil. 
Cod liver oil. 
Walnut oil. 
Olive oil. 
Castor oil. 
Sesame oil. 
Soybean oil. 
Essential oil of anise. 
Bergamot Essential oil. 
Cardamom essential oil. 
Citronella essential oil. 
Eucalyptus essential oil. 
Cedar leaf essential oil. 
Lemon essential oil. 
Peppermint essential oil. 
Essential oil of patchouli beta naphthol.
Aloe essential oil. 
Alpha naphthol acetate. 
Anisyl acetate. 
Alginic acid kaolin. 
Anthranilic acid.
Benzoic acid carrageenan. 
Stearic acid. Linolenic acid. 
Oleic acid. 
Palmitic acid. 
Undecylenic acid. 
Anisic alcohol. 
Benzyl alcohol. 
Cetyl alcohol. 

Rice starch. 
Anethole and star anise. 
Anisyl formate anisole. 
Avicel PH 101 and 102. 
Balsamo Peru. 
Tolu balsam. 
Canada balsam. 
Benzyl formate, 
Benzyl Benzyl chloride enilacetato benzyl salicylate eth yl. 
Benzyl, benzyl acetate, fumarate, benzyl pelargonate, benzyl propionate. 
Benzyl salicylate, benzoin resin calcium bentonite. 
Sodium bentonite. 
Benzophenone Benzoyl peroxide, 
Titanium Dioxide Cocoa butter zinc
Carnauba wax. 
Paraffin wax. 
Japan wax. 
Stearyl monoglyceryl citrate. 
Citronellyl acetate, citronellyl formate, zinc chloride. 
Colestina coconut oil (cholesterol). 
Zinc stearate. 
Faith mg aluminum stearate. 
Sodium stearate.
Eta naphthyl ether. 
Eta naphthyl methyl ether. 
Hydrated aluminum dimethyl ether.
Geranyl geranyl formate, 
Geranyl propionate, butyrate qp 
Glycerin and U.S.P. 
Glycerin monolaurate
Glycerin monooleate, zirconium glycolate. 
Locust bean gum. 
Gatti Goma. 
Guar gum. 
Royal jelly. 
Jojoba oil. 
Zirconium lactate. 
Anhydrous lanolin. 
Linalyl propionate linalool,
Linanilo oxide, Natural Menthol formate. 
Synthetic Menthol. 
Musk ambrette and xylene. 
Zirconium oxychloride. 
Zinc oxide.
Cetyl palmitate. 
p-cresyl acetate. 
Resorcinol onobenzoato. 
Santalyl sandalwood oil, santalol. 
Sodium phosphate dibasic. 
Hexilsulfo sodium acetate. 
Sodium mono stearate. 
Sodium acetate.
Sodium bisulfate. 
Sodium bisulfite. 
Talc desbacterizado. 
Zinc undecylate Valerian oil, 
acetyl valerate. 
White mineral oil nf / usp. 
Vaseline solid amber. 
White petroleum jelly.
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