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Oil and Gas

Mineral system derived from chemically modified inert lignite, environmentally friendly, dark color (-200), resistant to 248.8 ° C (480 ° F), specific gravity 1.4 g / ml. Excellent choice in HPHT filtration control, for oil based fluid systems. As a chemically modified mineral, it allows faster incorporation to the system, competitive to other products in the market, thus reducing the time needed to process oil-based fluid systems. To a lesser extent, this product facilitates the emulsion of oil-water systems. It is an excellent resource for the preparation and treatment of oil-based fluids.

AM I reinforced WELL-HP
Mineral System derived activated, angular, graphite. dark color (100, 200 and 400) resistant to 248.8 ° C (480 ° F).
This material helps prevent lost circulation to strengthen the walls of the open hole.
Mixed form that helps seal cracks and small fissures in the walls of the open hole.

"AM I reinforced WELL-HP" Applied during different stages of oil drilling in abnormal pressure or with oil-loss issues. Combined with added bumps or in concentrations proposed by the user, this product contributes to the strengthening of the open hole, increasing density in drilling fluid systems and providing a larger working range.

Mineral: Barium Sulfate, mesh: 200, brown, Density 4.2 g / ml. Excellent choice for the densification of drilling in fluid systems, compying with NOM: NMX-L-159-SCFI-2003, Inert mineral easily incorporated into your fluid system.
"BARITE" is used to densify drilling fluids adding necessary elements according to its formulation and reaching a maximum of 2.25 g / ml in drilling fluids. Other applications: while adding heavy bumps or performing recognition trips. During the preparation of virgin fluids, it is important that the final material is added, thereby preventing the settling of the material and allowing its incorporation to achieve best results.

BIO DIGESTOR (Hydrocarbon absorber)
Multipurpose Product bioremediation Based Bagasse Fiber 100% Organic Versatile: Used in both dry and marshy ground.

Effective: It absorbs all liquid hydrocarbons, including oils, fuels, ketones, solvents and paints. Miracle Sorb Plain is highly absorbent and encapsulates on the spot. When spread and/or mixed according to the protocol for contaminated soil, it also reduces hydrocarbons.

Non-toxic: No harm to plants or animals. Safe to handle.

Lightweight: Easily transported and applied to affected areas.

Green: 100% organic, completely biodegradable, easily incinerated. ASH level: less than 5%. Unlike clay or granular materials. It is safe for landfills (In accordance with local laws and regulations).

SPECIFICATIONS: Bagasse fiber is pure and does not contaminate the environment. Made of raw cane and added with nitrogen. Studies at Louisiana State University indicate that hydrocarbons can be remedied within 180 days.
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